Dental Crowns

If you’re suffering from a dental injury, or have a damaged tooth due to excessive wear or decay, dental crowns in Bartlett, IL may be an appropriate solution. Dental crowns can help you restore a beautiful and functional smile. Dr. Raj Puri at Smiles Dental Center provides Bartlett residents with dental crown services for damaged teeth that minor procedures such as filling cannot effectively address. Dental crowns in Bartlett, Illinois can restore the durability and appearance of cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged teeth and is a long lasting treatment option. Dental crowns in Bartlett, IL are made of durable porcelain material to create natural looking teeth.

Generally a crown is received in a two-stage process. The damaged portion of the tooth is removed and the tooth is filed or reshaped so that the crown may be placed over the tooth. From an impression of the reshaped tooth, the crown itself is created. The patient is fitted with a temporary crown while awaiting the final crown’s completion. Upon the patient’s return, the finished crown is fitted and bonded to the remaining tooth, blending seamlessly with the surrounding natural teeth.

Bartlett area residents have a considerable amount of different type of crown to choose from, depending on what you and your dentist determine is most appropriate for your restoration procedure. Crowns can be constructed completely out of porcelain, or out of a porcelain cap over a metal fitting, in order to more closely resemble and blend in with the surrounding natural teeth. Gold is sometimes used because it is safe and durable, holding up well under the strain of the mouth’s environment, and although costly, full gold crowns can be created. Bartlett area dentist Raj Puri, DDS can help you restore a discolored or stained tooth to its natural appearance in Bartlett, IL.

Why Might Patients Need a Dental Crown?

• To protect a weak tooth from breaking
• To hold together parts of a cracked tooth
• To restore a tooth that is severely worn down or already broken
• To cover and support a tooth with a large filling when only a small portion of the tooth remains
• To hold a dental bridge in place
• To cover severely discolored teeth
• To cover misshapen teeth
• To cover a dental implant

Dr. Raj Puri at Smiles Dental Center is committed to offering skillful treatments, quality dental crowns and world-class service. If you live in the Bartlett area and are suffering from extensive tooth decay or damage, do not continue to suffer untreated. Contact Smiles Dental Center and Raj Puri, DDS for a consultation today!

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