Overbites, under-bites, misaligned or crooked teeth can be a natural impediment to an easy smile. Those suffering from an imperfect smile will find relief in the trusted orthodontic services in Bartlett, IL from Raj Puri, DDS at Smiles Dental Center. Smiles Dental Center and Dr. Raj Puri’s goal is to provide Bartlett, Illinois residents with the beautiful smile they deserve. Orthodontia is designed to take the imperfect structure of your natural smile, and reshape it into a more aesthetically pleasing and ultimately more functional smile. Normally this process is begun at an early age, but those who have grown into adulthood with misaligned teeth can still experience great improvement from orthodontic procedures in the Bartlett area.

Dental braces are the most familiar form of orthodontic treatment to most residents in the Bartlett, IL area. Used for rehabilitating crooked teeth, or adjusting the bite of a patient, braces are bonded directly to the teeth and are normally worn from several months to several years, depending of how much correction is needed. A small amount of force is applied to the teeth, which shifts them into the desired position, using small adjustments over a period of time.

Suitable For All Ages

Traditionally, orthodontic techniques are introduced in the teen or pre-teen years, however it has become more and more common for adults to undergo orthodontic treatment. Up to 30% of orthodontic patients in the U.S. are adults, and adult residents of Bartlett, IL have the option of achieving the perfect smile that they may have once believed was out of reach.

While it is advisable for younger patients to begin orthodontic treatment early on, as tooth structures and supporting bones are more malleable and receptive to these therapies, adults experience a high degree of success from orthodontic procedures, and often do so out of more consistency in following the home care instruction of their dentist.

However old you are, it’s never to late to begin taking steps to smiling beautifully. Bartlett, IL residents can look to the reliable and care driven orthodontic services at Smiles Dental Center to achieve the look and restored function they’ve always wanted for their teeth. If you live in the Bartlett, Illinois area and are interested in orthodontic treatment to improve the function and appearance of your teeth, call Smiles Dental Center for a consultation today.

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